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The STOMP is here!

Try a new FUN way to exercise!

They say 'necessity is the mother of all invention' and that's exactly how The Stair Stomper™ came to be.  Inventor and exercise enthusiast Matthew Michaels created The Stair Stomper™ to be able to get the best possible full body workout both conveniently and in the least amount of time.  

"Working out everyday is what our bodies are meant to do, it's so important and foundational to live a better life in order to help co-create a better world.  Whatever exercise I have time for really has to count.  The Star Stomper- Full Body Workout™ evolved from there."

Now it's time to share The Stair Stomper™ with the world or at least with all who can appreciate it's Upper x Lower x Vertical Core workout.  

What is it?  It's an all-in-one exercise machine that can take you deep into your 'Stomp Zone'.  Simply put, it's a stair climber with an overhead handlebar that is attached with bungee cords.  We call it the Bungee Bar™.  When doing the stair climbing motion the Bungee Bar™ gives you an amazing upper body bouncing movement that constantly flexes the upper body and core muscles.  Imagine doing crunches while doing your cardio workout.  It's fabulous, comfy and self adjusting and 'In the modaltiy of Life'.

The Stair Stomper™ exercise machine is low impact on your joints but a high impact cardio workout plus strength training that allows a person to self adjust and focus on different parts of their body without stopping the overall exercise.  As an added bonus The Stair Stomper™also has assisted dips and assisted pull-ups built into it.  Six main and different exercises, plus countless variations can all be preformed in the same place = magically awesome workout!

The first ever Stomp Studio is located In San Francisco's marina at 3206 Scott St. (between Lombard and Chestnut).  

Come on by and get Your Stomp ON!