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The Full Body Workoutâ„¢

The Stomp Studio is an intimate boutique exercise studio, 12 people maximum, built on The Stair Stomper™.  The Stair Stomper™ is a newly invented exercise machine, simply put, it's an all-in-one exercise machine that combines a stair climber with an overhead handle bar that is attached with bungee cords!  It gives a lower body/cardio workout with an upper body bouncing motion that continually flexes the upper body and core muscles (vertical core strengthening).  Combine that magical combination with assisted dips and assisted pull-ups... 

The Full Body Workout™ is ready for you to try!  


The Stair Stomper™ is low Impact on the joints, but a great cardio and strength training workout all at the same time.  The 'Stomp' workout is very self adjusting making it perfet for beginners yet it can push the most advanced marathon runner or triathlete to their limit!  

Come and get your STOMP ON!


1st Workout Free!

Come and get your STOMP ON!

Our San Francsico location is the first of it's kind.  Come in and give it a try for free.  We are excited to show you this amazing full body workout.  Click Register (top right) to create your user account and be one of the first ever to book a Stomp Class.



It's a workout, meditation and dance.

You create your goals, you create your baseline to continually approve upon.  A Stomp Class is a 45 minute instructor guided workout, we dim the lights, we pump the music so you can focus on you and not the people around you.  It's like dancing and working out at the same time!  We are here to help you find your 'Stomp Zone', a safe and fun place to meditate on yourself, your goals and your body.